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Reasons You Should Hire A Professional To Install Your IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

If you're remodeling your kitchen and you're using IKEA kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen, here are 5 reasons why you should hire an expert cabinet installer that specializes in IKEA kitchen installations.

  1. They Catch Errors You Didn't Know You Made

  2. Poor Installation Cracks Countertops & Mis-Aligns Backsplash

  3. Your New Cabinets Installed In As Little As 2 Days

  4. Full Service IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Order Management

  5. Crooked Drawers, Crooked Doors No Matte How Many Times You Adjust Them

1. Catching The Mistakes You Didn't Know You Made

We get it. You're excited.

You hate your old kitchen, and are dying for a new one.

And IKEA has a free kitchen planner tool.

And because you have a kitchen and they have a tool, now you're a kitchen expert. A kitchen guru even.

I'm being a smart ass, sure, but you'd be surprised that 80% of our clients HAVE THIS EXACT MINDSET and refuse to hire a professional IKEA kitchen installer to design & layout their kitchen...

Sure, they save money on "designing their kitchen themselves", but they're also paying a few extra $100 or even a few thousand dollars in change orders and trip charges to fix their mistakes that they DIDN'T budget for.

Not to mention, your completion date for your kitchen is now delayed.

Hiring a team that understands the IKEA system & understands the in's and out's of a kitchen renovation can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours in wasted time.

Here's a tip: Pay the fee to get it done right the first time, no matter how smart you think you are. Free can cost you more, and ignorance is expensive.

2. Poor Cabinet Installation Cracks Countertops & Mis-Aligns Backsplash

This point still plays on the "experts" in the crowd.

Cabinets MUST be perfectly level in order for countertops to maintain their warranty.

And if those cabinets aren't installed level & plum, chances are you wont even get a fabricator to template your countertops, let alone honor a warranty from slabs cracking.

Same applies with backsplash. If you don't level cabinets, you dont have level countertops. And since backsplash sits on countertops, you wont wont have a straight backsplash.

If your personal preference is crooked tiles, that't cool.

But most people don't.

3. Get Your IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Installed In As Little As 2 Days.

When we do an IKEA kitchen installation, the average time it takes to assemble and install is 2-3 days.

We're in, we're out.

But if you've never installed an IKEA kitchen before AND you decided to design your IKEA kitchen on your own, then be prepared for a much slower rate of production IF you deigned your kitchen properly and have all of your parts.

If you're missing parts and fixing design issues on the fly, then you can expect multiple trips back and forth to IKEA as well as a 1-2 week lead time to install your own cabinets.

I only speak from experience. We get the "I started my install and cant finish it can you fix it right now please right now" calls all the time.

4. Full Service IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Order Management Services

One of the things that our clients have absolutely enjoyed is NEVER having to step foot into IKEA once they sign a contract with us.

We handle the kitchen planning & design, order placement, order inventory AND we do all of the running back & forth to IKEA for you to replace any damaged/missing/mis-pcked parts.

Our teams have great relationships with the IKEA staff and no the ins and outs of getting EVERYTHING we need to complete a client install.

Even IKEA's Official Installer doesn't offer this service.

5. Crooked Drawers, Crooked Doors, No Matter How Many Times You Adjust Them

Because of IKEA's rail system, walls rarely being plum and floors never being level, its easy to install a "twisted" cabinet.

If your walls aren't plum, and you dont plum out that suspension rail properly, then your cabinet will twist. You can even have your cabinet level, but if its twisted because its following an out of plum wall, you'll NEVER get those drawer or doors to line up properly.

And when you're brand new cabinets are crooked, you look "special".

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