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#1Ikea kitchen installers in Miami

As a Certified Licensed & insured Finish Carpentry Contractor specialize with Ikea kitchen cabinets assembly and installation since 2006. We installed hundreds of Ikea kitchens cabinets in South Florida. We can assure you …., you have just found the best Ikea kitchen installers in FLORIDA! and here is why….


Ikea kitchen Sektion Cabinets are designed around the "frameless" concept that is the industry standard for Europe. Many local installers are unfamiliar with this type of cabinetry and approach the installation process with a "how hard can it be" attitude. Most North American cabinets are preassembled "face-frame" cabinets and most installers only have experience with this type of installation.


Our customers can expect that their kitchen installation will be done professionally with experienced Ikea Kitchen Installers not only have skillful hand but also understand the inherited methods of installation required by the IKEA cabinet system, We will install your cabinets according to manufacturer's instructions which is the only way to install it right the first time! But we are also the only installers in Florida who can customize Ikea cabinets to go around any obstacles your kitchen room may have!


The truth is

We know ikea better then ikea! And that is why you should search no more :-)


We are also the best Ikea kitchen designers ... why? well...., with hundred of Ikea sektion kitchen installations  we have the ability to vision your kitchen looks almost imidiatly - and "we" are very talented too! so you can trust us providing the best result designwise.

We will also help you save money on your kitchen remodeling by designing your new Ikea kitchen around existing plumbing and electrical or as an alternative give you the best advise for relocating appliances location and give your kitchen a new fresh open look . Our philosophy, when it comes to kitchen remodeling, is plan, plan, plan and then plan some more… , if you are already going into the kitchen remodeling “adventure” investing your hard earned money in it, then it should come out perfect!

We install Ikea kitchens all over Miami/Dade, Fort Lauderdale/Broward, Palm Beach, We installed Ikea cabinets in luxury homes, doctor offices, factories, wardrobes, laundry rooms and in over a decade of exclusive Ikea kitchen installations.

Our Ikea kitchen installation service is second to non and hiring us in no way will void your Ikea warranty and if anyone told you or will tell you otherwise – he is a scam!  

ikea's slogan "you can do it yourself but you don't have to..." is all over the place , that means anyone can install Ikea kitchen without void Ikea's warranty for as long as it is being installed by the book!

Call me today to start your Ikea stress free kitchen project with us.

Ask Ron the Ikea Master kitchen cabinets Installer/designer just about anything  you think the other installers can't answer :-)


Do I need professional measurements before I get started?

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our planning services. This will provide accurate measurements that account for room dimension, electric outlets, water lines and drain pipes, filler pieces, ceiling height, windows, doors and more. This simple and inexpensive service will give you peace of mind and could prevent costly mistakes. 

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